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Punchy and has a lot of character. Love it

Fun! The animation was pretty simple and at times rough, but the video was fun regardless. You've got a lot of potential! I'm looking forward to your next project! Keep growing!

Axelstation responds:

I'm glad you liked it! I'll keep trying to make better stuff ^^

Nicely done. Sounds like Viewtiful Joe.

Celshaded responds:

Congratulations, you guessed it!!

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Not bad at all. Short, sweet and to the point. My only point of criticism is the diffculty curve. The whole game wasn't too hard, but that boss was much more difficult. I liked the challenge the boss presented, he doesn't need to be easier, but the game could have increased in difficilty a bit more before encountering him. A successful first game, if you ask me. Good job.

PereDM responds:

Thanks for playing it and thanks for the soundtrack!
Now I'm starting to considerate adding some more levels before the boss to fix that difficulty curve because many people struggle when it comes to the bossfight.

Keep making amazing music!

Pretty fun game. I've always loved the paint based physics games like this. I'd give it more stars but after level 3 or 4 the game bugged up. The results screen stayed on the screen when the next level began and the character ran indefinitely and handled awkwardly. Other than this issue, great game.

LlamaLabs responds:

I'm glad you liked the game. Regarding the bug you experienced, I have personally never experienced that bug before, the game worked correctly when I tested to play through the leves on this site. I did however notice that the game behaved weird one time when I started a level on this site, again haven't seen this on any other sites, so maybe it has something to do with how newgrounds handles the swf file.
Try starting those levels from the start menu again and se if it works. If the problem returns I will try to see if there is anything I can do to fix it.

Not a bad production. Short, sweet, and to the point. The song gave it a nice feel of intensity. The sound of the engine did repeat a little too often. Maybe a sound clip of an engine running, minus the gear shift, would have worked better. Overall, enjoyable. Good job.

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The Shantae games have some if my favorite vgm and you totally nailed the vibe. Fantastic job!

I LOVE the fullness of the sound you managed to get out of famitracker. Fantastic job!

You are getting better with Famitracker. I'm always impressed by your progress. You are definitely better than me at it. Nicely done!

BuckingFored responds:

Thanks so much man! It means a lot to hear that

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Did you put some subtle chromatic aberration in this thing? Nice.

That's simply amazing.



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