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It's finally here again!!! Pixel Day!!!! I have seen some really amazing stuff this year in all of the categories. I'm not done checking them all out, but I'm gonna be at it a while. Anyway, I'm proud to say that I have indeed participated this year! Here's my contribution:

Let me tell you a little bit about what I did here. I recently discovered the wonderful goodness that is old PC-98 game music! I fell immediately in love with the tone and style and decided that I wanted to start on a journey to make music reminiscent of said old games. This is my first step.

I looked up the chip used in said old PCs and made sure to to my best to limit myself to what sounds they were capable of producing. My song has 6 FM tracks, 3 pulse wave tracks, one track for 8bit samples, and 6 tracks that are playing the rhythm tones the 2608 had. I also made sure limit each track to one note, and stuck to 3 levels of panning (LCR). I used a Reface DX for my FM synth. I made sure to make my FM patches from scratch using only the 8 algorithms that the YM2608 had. I used no effects (delay, reverb, chorus, etc), or EQ. I apologize if the mix is rough, I still have a lot to learn.

If you give my track a listen, thank you and I hope you enjoy it. I'll also upload a loop-able version of it soon.



Loop version here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/906563?updated=1579833775

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