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Pixel Day 2017!!

2017-01-21 12:37:15 by tripledigit

I love Pixel Day! Tons of fun, tons of pixel goodness, it's great.  Once again, I made something for it. It was a lot of work.  I tried new stuff in it, flexed my compositional skills so to speak.  Hope you hear it, hope you like it! Best of luck to everyone who made something!!



Pixel Day

2016-01-22 13:53:09 by tripledigit

After a long month of production, I've finally completed my audio entry for Pixel Day.  Will I win? Probably most likely definitely not.  But that doesn't matter! I just wanted to finally submit something in a NG contest. I created for the sake of creation.  Tomorrow should be fun/nerve wracking; I hope the critics don't chew me up too badly.   Looking forward to all the pixel goodness!